“Every child is a mathematician.”


“Fluency, efficiency and resilience are the cornerstone for an effective maths approach.”


Maths Lead in school – Miss V Orr

Curriculum Intent

Toner Avenue’s Curriculum is designed to provide a broad and balanced experience to all children, accessible to all,  which widens their lived experiences, enhances their feeling of self-worth and power and promotes a life-long curiosity and love of learning. We want to motivate and support pupils to take responsibility and ownership of their learning, making links and considering their role within the wider world. Through the use of carefully chosen, philosophical ‘Big Questions’, we aim to link topics of knowledge, build upon and develop existing skills through coherent planning and sequencing of lessons, and support pupils in using these skills and knowledge to make a positive difference to the world around them. We want to enable our pupils to live as responsible, aspirational young people who see themselves as ‘able to’ make a difference. 

Curriculum Implementation

At Toner Avenue Primary School we recognise the importance of studying mathematics and giving the opportunities to practice and consolidate skills. We want the children at our school to make choices about the methods they use and the approach they make so they are efficient and accurate. We want the children to leave us with a positive outlook on maths and to know they have the skills and confidence to be a mathematician and the resilience to keep on trying.

Curriculum Impact

We aim to develop pupils’ skills in maths and allow them to make choices in their approaches. The children will be given opportunities to consolidate and reinforce their maths skills within maths lessons through reasoning, investigations and problem solving and also across the curriculum.

We aim for the pupils to be able to:

  • Have confidence in maths, both when learning new skills or advancing known skills
  • Regularly apply their skills and knowledge in a range of different problem solving ways, including reasoning and investigations.
  • Develop their mental maths skills, making choices about the jottings they make and the method they use.
  • Make efficient choices both mentally and in formal written methods.
  • Discuss their maths work, verbally and in written form, elaborating and clearly explaining the maths they are using.
  • Be resilient; know that maths sometimes needs a pause, sometimes takes a while and is always rewarding.


Within our Maths lessons we use our Visual Calculation Policy to help our children become efficient in their written methods.

Please see below for details of the methods your child will be learning this year.

Remember, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.