In Year 2, pupils will take part in a study of Kenya, whilst Year 4 study Egypt. Both year groups will learn about the geographical elements of both places, with elements of history and cultures of both countries.

Year 2 begin to look at Africa as a continent, before taking a closer look at Kenya. We learned about the difference between a National Park and a game reserve. We learned how the people of Kenya try to protect the ‘Big 5’ animals which are under threat. Our studies then took us into exploring the traditions and culture of the Maasai Mara tribe, including their clothing, traditions and dances! To deepen our understanding we compared life in rural and urban Kenya with our own lives in the UK. We finished our topic with a double page spread, showcasing all of the brilliant things we have learned!


In Reception we have been watching Mya and her videos all about Africa.  We have learnt all about the job of a ranger / safari guide in South Africa.

“I’m Mya in Wild Land, a 4-year old Safari Guide ready to show you my favourite things about nature. I live in a Big 5 game reserve in the Greater Kruger National Park close to the best town in South Africa, Hoedspruit. Come and join me as we discover the wild and wonderful things nature has to offer. Stay Wild!”


We watched Mya’s video all about giraffes and we drew pictures and sent them to Mya.