“You can start changing the world for the better daily – no matter how small the action.”

Nelson Mandela

“Nature is our biggest ally, and our greatest inspiration.”

David Attenborough

Environment curriculum lead – Miss K Wright


Toner Avenue Primary School is committed to being a sustainable and environmentally friendly school. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and to implement and pursue practices which will help to raise an awareness and understanding of the environment in both pupils and staff. The school has a duty to prepare future generations with the knowledge and skills to manage the world’s resources wisely. Pupils are expected to demonstrate an active interest in and concern for all-natural environments and we hope to encourage each pupil to recognise her role in tending to the future of the planet. The way the school environment is managed and maintained should provide an example to pupils of how to respect and care for the environment.

Education for sustainable development should give pupils a greater understanding of both natural and human systems through a range of immediate environmental experiences that engage their senses, emotions and thinking. Ultimately it should ensure that each pupil understands and respects their environment, both inside and outside of school.

Our Eco-Warriors

At Toner Avenue, we have a group of responsible and respectful children acting as our Eco-Warriors. Their responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring the use of recycling bins, water use and lighting usage.
  • Ensuring we find ways to improve our schools carbon footprint.
  • Taking responsibility for our schools WOW Travel Tracker.
  • Encouraging staff and peers to take small actions to improve our environment.


WOW Travel Tracker