This year, at Toner Avenue, we aim to achieve the International School Award through the British Council.

Please keep checking back throughout the year, as we provide our pupils with opportunities to broaden their knowledge of countries, cultures and faiths from around the world!

For more information, please see our International School Policy: International School Policy 2023

Partner School

We are very excited that this year we have established a partnership with a school near Paris, France.

Ecole Maternelle Scarron is a school for children aged 3-5. Throughout the year, we will communicate through emails, letters and videos to find out more about what life is like in France.

They have sent us a video of their school. Please take a look: Ecole Maternelle Scarron School Tour

The themes of our international learning are:

  • Identity and Belonging
  • Sustainable Living
  • Conflict and Peace
  • Fairness and Equality
  • Rights and Responsibilities

Our main projects this year are:

  1. France
  2. World Faiths & Festivals
  3. Our Beautiful World
  4. Arts Around the World
  5. Europe
  6. Food Around the World
  7. World Conflict & Peace
  8. Africa
  9. America
  10. Books

Click on the titles below to find out more about each project!