In KS1 and in UKS2, pupils will study aspects of America. Year 1 pupils will study explorers, including the expeditions of Christopher Columbus and the treatment of the people during his discoveries. Year 2 pupils will learn about the story of Mary Seacole, while Year 6 pupils discuss and study the Windrush Generation and their journey from Jamaica to the UK. Additionally, our Year 5 pupils will complete a study based around Brazil.



Year 5 have been learning about Brazil. They have discussed many aspects including: food, climate zones, biomes, football, language, colonies and cities. Year 5 have also made a Brazilian Feijoada. 

As part of their study of Brazil, Year 5 visited Las Iguanas to try some Brazilian dishes. Take a look!



In Year 1, pupils have learned all about the explorers Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. They have compared them and learned about the impact on the world today. Look at this fabulous display!


North America

During Spring term in Year 6, the children study North America as their geography topic. The pupils look at the countries which make up North America alongside their human and physical geographical features. They also study Yellowstone National Park, Mount St Helens and compare New York to the North East of England. They produced some lovely work!

In the Autumn term Year 6 study ‘Windrush Child’ in English. Part of this unit of work involves comparing and contrasting Leonard’s life in Maroon Town, Jamaica, with his father’s new life in Manchester. We studied the route the ship from Southampton would have taken to North America.

Pupils wrote letters from Leonard to his father, asking him all about his new life. From reading the text, the children imagined questions Leonard might have about food, the roads and, of course – the weather!