Day 1 – After we got ourselves sorted, we donned our full Thurston attire and made our way to the stream just off site. We tested out our new waterproof equipment with a little bit of shallow water scrambling and checked out the beautiful scenery! We had a very fun afternoon!


Day 2 – Today, we headed out to Cathedral Quarry to explore the slate mine – we even managed to walk through the cave without a torch!  After lunch, we scrambled the ghyll and had an excellent time swimming in the deeper waters. We still had so much fun despite all of the rain – it’s a good job we practiced with our waterproofs yesterday!

Day 3 -This morning, we ventured into Coniston to visit the copper miners valley.  We had quite a hilly walk to get there, but powered through with a nice hot chocolate break!  We spent the morning adventuring around and collecting our very own pieces of copper!  After lunch, we were given the challenge to complete the obstacle course blindfolded!  Once we were in the woods, we finished the day den building to protect us from the rain.  We had so much fun!

Day 4 – Today we went canoeing on Coniston and learned how to set up our rafted canoes.  We attached them together then paddled to the other side of the lake and into a secret area called Crocodile’s creek!  Once we returned to shore, we all had the best time jumping off the jetty to see who could make the biggest splash!  In the afternoon, we spent the time on the climbing walls and trees and challenged ourselves to reach the top.  We had the best last day!

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