Day 1 – After we sorted ourselves into our groups, we skimmed stones and explored the woods.  We ate clovers that tasted like sour apples and plodged in the lake.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have a camera at hand because we wanted to get out and explore as soon as possible!

Day 2 – Today we went ghyll scrambling and climbed over and under some great obstacles.  We then went jetty jumping – that old Thurston favourite – in lake Coniston.  After lunch, we went bouldering at Thurston’s indoor climbing wall and we tested ourselves on some trickier, higher climbs.  When we had practised and learned our techniques, we took them out onto the climbing trees and climbed to the top!

Day 3 – We began the day with a short mini bus journey to Hodge Close.  From there we walked to Cathedral Quarry, which was amazing!  We faced our fears by finding our way out of the quarry in complete darkness.  When we returned to Thurston, we put our trust in each other and completed the Night-Line assault course.  Finally, we paddle boarded on Coniston Water and had another go at jetty jumping!

Day 4 – Today we completed our biggest challenge… mountain climbing!  We worked together as a team as we reached the top.  After we returned to the centre, we went canoeing.  Despite the wind, we managed to get all the way across the lake and back.  To finish our day, there was only one thing we wanted to do… a final jetty jump (well, it has become our end of day tradition!)

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