Day 1 – After we arrived and sorted our things, we donned our wellies and headed upstream!  First we had the chance to pick some nettles and ate them!  We then took turns to lead our team through the obstacles before we reached the top of the hill and headed back through the Thurston forest!


Day 2 – Today was a wet day.  From the minute we left the house after breakfast until the moment we returned after our fun-filled activities, it rained.  Rain. Rain. Rain.  But we had so much fun when we went to Cathedral Quarry and ghyll scrambling.  We lit some candles in the quarry and navigated our way out without any light!!  We met a slate dragon and helped rebuild him and after lunch, we jumped back onto the bus and headed to the ghyll.  This was definitely the most fun activity of the week so far!


Day 3 – Today we spent the day on Coniston Water.  While we were walking down to the lake, we stopped and tried some aphids – another great new dish to add to our Thurston menu!  We spent the morning building our canoe rafts and canoeing on the lake.  We learned many valuable skills for our afternoon activities.  After lunch, we donned our wetsuits and went jetty jumping – that old Thurston favourite!  We then went on a stand up paddleboard and put all of our new skills to the test – you’d have thought we were pros!  We met some ‘wanderers’ and played a board swapping game where we jumped from board to board!  We had so much fun!

Day 4 – Today we had our mountain day and we headed for a very rocky mountain.  We had many opportunities to test ourselves and develop our confidence on smaller walls before we reached our challenge – climbing up a rock face!  We all managed to push ourselves way past our comfort point and headed up the rock with determination.  Jessica and Elise kept our spirits high with some dancing and impressions but we did well to overcome some windy conditions and some tired Thurston legs to make it to the top!

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