‘On Monday, Holly and I went to the Town Hall to represent our School Council. We talked about Staryland needing a new leader. It was lots of fun!’ Joe (Year 3)

Both children were a credit to the School as they took part in an interesting workshop about the imaginary, magical place called Staryland. In the workshop, Staryland, was in need of a new leader.

The workshop gave Holly and Joe:

  • An understanding of democracy and the election process.
  • The experience of participating in an election – includes; hustings from candidates, casting their vote in the same way as an ‘adult election’, and through their vote being able to influence the election outcome.
  • A demonstration of the election process and outcome
  • Lots of fun!

Holly and Joe have used the knowledge they obtained to help the rest of the School Council prepare for our Committee elections.

Please see attached link to article published on STC website covering the event.


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