We have another update from our Thurston-ites today!

Take a look below at what the children have been up to today:

Yewdale: “we went down to the stream and did ghyll scrambling. We floated in the water. After lunch we went to the caves, made echoes and walked in the dark.”

Langdale: “this morning we went out in the mini van to cathedral quarry. We took candles and lit them in the quarry caves. After lunch we went ghyll scrambling. At one point there was a pool and we were allowed float and swim.”

Grizdale: “We went on canoe boats across the lake. We stopped for a small break with a cup of hot chocolate and a flapjack. We came back and jumped off the jetth (Everyone was freezing). After lunch we went on a blind monkey trail. We has to use our senses to find out way across as we had blindfolds on. This meant to communicate effectively with each other. Just before dinner, we ended our day with orienteering.

We are all looking forward to our roast dinner tonight.

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