In Year 4, we have been learning about the digestive system!

To understand it better, we recreated our own…

Firstly, we made a sandwich that we could pass through the model as we recreated the process. We flicked saliva (water) over the sandwich and chopped it up using our teeth (knife and fork).

After that, we acted as the oesophagus and transported our (very mushed up!) food into the stomach (sandwich bag).

Once the food was in the stomach, we added stomach acid (Coca-Cola) and contracted and relaxed the muscles of the stomach by squashing the bag until our food was unrecognisable!

Then, it was time for the intestines (tights) to take over. We squeezed the contents of the stomach down the intestines until it reached the final part of its journey! We released the muscles in the rectum/anus by cutting the end of the tights. Finally, the faeces was released!

We all had a great time recreating the digestive system and acted as super scientists throughout!

Year 4 SJ


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