During STEM week Year 5 looked at different types of energy and what we could do within the home to save energy and lower heating bills.

At the beginning of the week, we looked at range of methods used to make electricity – from the burning of fossil fuels and nuclear power, to renewable methods like hydro-electricity and the use of wind turbines.

We made our own wind turbines using paper, a pencil and a drawing pin. First we had to decide on the size of the paper square for the rotor (We used the class template of 21cm and adjusted ours to what we thought was the ideal size.) Then we followed instructions on how to fold the paper into a rotor shape. After that we attached the rotor to the pencil with a drawing pin.

Finally we discussed whether a large rotor or a small rotor would be the best for a wind turbine.

Later on in the week, we discussed how energy is used to heat our homes and were shocked to hear that we lose 20% of heat in a room through the gaps in the doors. So we decided to make draught excluders out of knee high tights and recycled paper. We measured the width of the door and stuffed old newspaper and paper into the tight so that it covered up the gap between the door and the floor. Then we decorated them so that they were more appealing.