For STEM week, Year 2 learned about the importance of recycling.

“Recycling means that you can use things again, so nothing is wasted” Neve.

We decided to recycle old magazines to make something fantastic!

Year two designed a recycled necklace. They planned how much paper they would use to make their beads. The more paper, the thicker their beads.

They had to cut out 20 long, thin triangles and wrap them around a straw. Then glue it to make a bead. We left them to dry and then threaded the beads on to string.

“I enjoyed making the beads the most,” Shaun

“It was tricky to thread the beads on to the string but I’m excited I’ve got a necklace,” Louise

We also wrote instructions to let everyone know how they can reuse and recycle their old magazines!

Everyone left school with a recycled necklace and hopefully by reading our instructions…you can make one too!