We were very lucky in Y2 to have a visit from the Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service.

We learned about things in our homes that could be dangerous.

We then learned how to check if a fire alarm was working. (You press the button with a long broom stick)

A film showed us how to escape safely, if there was a fire in our home.

Then everyone had a chance to dress in fire fighters clothes.


We learned to crawl on the floor because the smoke rises above you.



I learned not to keep the charger in the phone when you are asleep.



I learned to shout FIRE FIRE!



I learned that the fire fighter jacket is made out of Kevlar.



We learned that after the great fire of London, the King wanted people to put out fires.



I learned that when the fire alarm goes off, you go straight out of the house and never go back in.


As you can see, we learned lots from the session!

If any parents would like free fire alarms installed, please call



www.twfire.gov.uk and follow the links.

Y2 Team


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