We celebrated Safer Internet Day on Tuesday, with lots of different activities.

Our desktop background needs refreshing. So every child was given the chance to design a new ‘Safer Internet’ background. The competition entries are still coming in, but keep your eyes peeled for when our student council choose the winning entry.

Here is a little snap shot of what some of the classes got up to.

In year one, Miss Jones’ class read the story ‘Chicken Clicking’ and talked about how to be safe online. They finished their day with a safer internet team quiz! Check out their photos below.

In year 2, we designed our desktop backgrounds. We also sorted photographs with our partners to decide whether we could post them online or not. It was brilliant hearing the discussions around their choice:

‘Well that can’t go online as it gives away personal information’.

We also wrote an alternative ending to Chicken Clicking. We had to make sure that Chicken Clicking followed the E-Safety rules.

Here are 2 much safer alternative (E-Safe) endings from Shaun and Roman.

Chicken Clicking went online to buy a hover board but first she asked her Mam and Dad. Her Mam and Dad said ‘Let’s have a look’.

She signed up for WhatsApp. Chicken Clicking made up her made up name and typed a random age. Doing all of that made her stay safe. Shaun Y2SC


Chicken Clicking went online to buy a mini sports car but she stopped to think. Then she told her Mum. Mum said let’s have a look. She signed up on her SnapChat. Then she made up a name. Then she made up a picture so she didn’t look the same. Roman Y2SC

Year 4 used the iPads to make an ‘All About Me’ profile, without giving away any of their personal information! Take a look at some of them below, see if you can guess who’s it is!

Finally to all of the parents and carers reading this, the NSPCC and O2 have teamed up to offer advice, workshops and can change settings on phones and tablets to ensure your child stays safe online. For more information, follow this link: https://www.nspcc.org.uk/fighting-for-childhood/about-us/partners/nspcc-o2-online-safety-partnership/

Well done to everyone at Toner, I am so impressed with the children’s knowledge about using the internet safely.

Also thank you to all of the teachers and support staff for taking part in this important day! Your efforts mean our children are super safe online!

Miss Cox

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