Toner Avenue’s Curriculum is designed to provide a broad and balanced experience to all children, accessible to all, which widens their lived experiences, enhances their feeling of self-worth and power and promotes a life-long curiosity and love of learning. We want to motivate and support pupils to take responsibility and ownership of their learning, making links and considering their role within the wider world. Through the use of carefully chosen, philosophical ‘Big Questions’, we aim to link topics of knowledge, build upon and develop existing skills through coherent planning and sequencing of lessons, and support pupils in using these skills and knowledge to make a positive difference to the world around them. We want to enable our pupils to live as responsible, aspirational young people who see themselves as ‘able to’ make a difference. At Toner Avenue PSHE links to the curriculum intent as it provides pupils with the opportunity to interpret the world around them and their own community whilst supporting the development of their own individual beliefs and experiences.

Please see below our PSHE Knowledge and Skills overviews for each year group.