Please find our most recent Remote Education Policy below:

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Documents relating to the reopening of school.


Return to school information:

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Updated Risk Assessment for September 2021 opening: Revised July 2021

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As a school, we recognise the importance of supporting our families through these extreme circumstances.  As we are continuing to provide learning activities, we would also like to take the opportunity to provide you with some Wellbeing resources that may be useful.

Here you will find resources that have been provided by specialists around the country.

We would like you to know that the staff at Toner Avenue School are here to support you and your family through these unprecedented times.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Explaining Covid-19 to Younger Children

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Supporting Older Children in Identifying Feelings

Children who have experienced any sort of uncertainty around safety in the past, are likely to be triggered by new experiences of old feelings.

Are the uncomfortable feelings you are experiencing new and unfamiliar, or are they reflecting past feelings of fear?  Could you use the body template to identify where you feel fear/worry/anxiety in their body?

This is also a lovely activity using life-sized body outlines and collage materials.

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Coping With Coronavirus Worries and Anxiety

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Mindfulness Activities

For both children and parents to enjoy.

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A Guide to Looking After Yourself and Others

A handy booklet for adults to cope with the stress and anxiety of Covid-19.

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Supporting Children Through Low Mood

“What is Low Mood?

Anyone can get Low Mood.  It is the most common psychological problem.  It varies from person to person and stressful or difficult things can trigger it or it can seemingly come out of nowhere.  We all feel sad from time to time but usually the feeling passes.  With Low Mood, these feelings of sadness just seem to go on and on and it’s hard to see a way to feel happy again.”

We have received these wonderful documents from IHeartCBT to help support children during this period of uncertainty.  These documents can help identify feelings and offers activities to support children who may be struggling with Low Mood.  There are 3 sessions to be completed over 4 weeks.


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