We offer a wide range of free clubs during lunch times and after school. In addition, children can also take part in Guitar lessons for a small fee. Please contact the office if you have any queries.

This term the following clubs are offered to children:


Computer Club (Year 4) Lunch time.

Homework Club (KS2) Lunch time


Chess Club (Year 6) Lunch time

Strategy Games (Year 4) Lunch time

Aikido Club (KS2) After school

Parent and Pupil Club (Year 3) After school

Football Club (Year 5 and 6) After school

Choir (KS2) After school


High Five Netball (Year 5 and 6) Lunch time

Homework Club (Year 6) Lunch time

Science CSI Club (KS2) Lunch time

Yoga (KS2) After school

To see our clubs in action, please visit the Gallery Section of our website.

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