In a bid to boost attendance at Toner Avenue Primary School, we decided to run an attendance shop.  For each full week that a child attends school, they are awarded 1 star.  These stars can then be used to buy items from our attendance shop ranging from stationary to glitter putty, and anything in between.

Our first attendance shop took place in Spring 2020 and was a huge success.  Children across each year group were able to attend the shop and purchase a number of items.  We saw great enthusiasm from the children who also recognised that better attendance equated to better prizes.  Unfortunately, within weeks, schools were closed in a national lockdown due to COVID-19.  We were so disheartened that our push for better attendance had taken such a drastic turn.  However, this did not deter us.

In the Autumn term of 2020, we ran our first attendance shop under new covid-secure guidelines.  This meant we were unable to invite the children into the shop but instead, delivered an order form to every child.  The orders were filled and delivered to classrooms throughout the week.

We have a number of star status’ that children can aim for.  Children that have not missed a day of school since the start of the school year (September) will be able to attend the shop first and their status is an SVIP (Special VIP).  We also have status’ for children who have not missed a day of school in the half term as well as children who have full attendance but have missed school as a result of COVID restrictions (see here for details).

We aim to run two attendance shops in the Autumn term and then one each term after that.