Birds Love Bananas!

This week, as part of our science topic, we decided to complete a scientific enquiry about birds’ favourite food. We had meal worms, bread and bananas. Like spies on a mission, we tiptoed outside, left the tasty treats on the grass and waited for the birds to come.

We predicted that the birds would prefer the meal worms. However, we were soon proven wrong!

Can you believe that the birds preferred bananas to all of the tasty treats on offer? In second place was bread and the birds ignored the meal worms.

I think the smaller birds would like meal worms but the big seagulls scared them away.

Matthew and Lacey

After finding some more bananas in our classroom, Emily decided to brave the seagulls and put some more of their favourite food on the field. She was not expecting a seagull to come and try to steal the banana out of her hand! Luckily, she threw the banana pieces on the floor and ran as fast as her legs could carry her.

We were all very surprised at the results but after a little research in class, we found that birds LOVE bananas. So next time you go to feed the birds, they may fancy something other than bread!


Y2OS Pizzas!

In the upcoming weeks, Y2OS will be making their own yummy pizzas in D.T. So far we have had a great time tasting different kinds of bread and thinking about which one will be best to use for our pizza bases.

So close…

On Wednesday our school football team took place in a football tournament, the EFL cup, at Silksworth in Sunderland.  Competing against 30 teams from the region, Toner performed brilliantly only conceding one goal in the entire competition.  Unfortunately the one goal was in the final, losing 1-0.

There will be match reports written by the squad to follow, but here is a link to a gallery and overview video.  Toner crops up a fair bit!

A brilliant effort to all the children, and Mr King was especially proud of their sportsmanship!

See the pictures and video HERE