Google Expeditions

As a school, we applied to take part in Google Expeditions, although they weren’t able to visit our school, we were invited down to Hebburn Lakes School by Mr. Ratcliffe to take part.

KS2 were the lucky bunch who got to take part in Google Expeditions. Even though I am in KS1 – I was able to visit with the Y3 children which was really exciting for me too! We split into 2 groups and went with our teachers into each room. We found our Virtual Reality headsets and put them on.

As the teacher in the room, I had full control of what the children could see and as they were learning about Italy and volcanoes, we visited a volcano first! It was amazing, we actually felt as if we were there. It was so funny when everyone was jumping off their chairs and looking up, down and all around.

We took some requests as to where we should visit next. In our 30 minute slot, we managed to visit Spain, Edinburgh, the Great Barrier Reef, Space and pre-historic lands! (The screams made me realise the children had caught sight of the T-Rex!)

My favourite part was being able to see under the water



It was really good, we got to see dinosaurs



Unfortunately, our session was soon over. I managed to catch up with the other classes and teachers, who all agreed that it was an amazing experience. Take a look at the photos below.

A huge thank you to Hebburn Lakes for being so welcoming, especially Mr Ratcliffe for organising it on his side. Also thank you to the super staff and parents at Toner for coming to together to make this wonderful experience happen.

Miss Cox

P.S: We’ve just received a phone call from the deputy head of Hebburn Lakes to say how polite, well-mannered and well behaved our children are. Well done to you all, it makes us all so proud to hear that!

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