Welcome to Reception!

Welcome everyone to Toner Avenue Reception

It’s been really busy in Reception since coming back in September and this week sees our children staying at school for a whole day!

The children have settled really quickly and are becoming much more confident with things like lunch time and work time!

We have been observing and getting to know the children and this year for the first time we are using an online based observation tool called Tapestry.  This means instead of getting a ‘Learning Journal’ book or file at the end of the year, you’ll be given a password to access your child’s personal online journal on your Smart phone, Ipad, Iphone or computer!  We will be sending out a separate letter asking for an email address so we can set up your own personal account!

This first half term is all about settling the children in and really getting to know them, but alongside this your children will begin phonics, this involves looking at letters and sounds and to begin laying the foundations they will need to be able to read and write!  We will be looking at numbers, recognising them and being able to count them!  Lots of fun!

Alongside this we will also look at the season of Autumn and Harvest, both in the Christian church and also in the Jewish community.

We are always collecting ‘junk’ for the fabulous models your children create! (No glass or milk cartons please!)

After the October week holiday we will be holding a library session every Friday from 3:00pm in our school hall.  This will be an opportunity for you to choose books to share with your children.

Our doors are always open and if you have any concerns or worries please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff.  Issues do occur but we can’t be of any help if we don’t know about it!

Many Thanks

Reception Team

Macmillan Coffee Morning

School is holding a Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 29th September. It will be held in the Junior Hall and start at approx. 9:15 am.

There will be a number of stalls:

Cakes, buns, bread and biscuits

Guess the number of spots

Pamper Tombola

Guess the number of sweets in the jar

Name the teddy

We would love to see you all there, with the proceeds going to a worthwhile cause.

If you have anything to donate in terms of cakes, etc / items for the stalls could you send them to school via Year 6.

(If possible could you include an ingredients list if you donate cakes etc. in case of any specific food allergies in school)

Thanks for your continued support – we look forward to seeing you.

Welcome to year 5!

Welcome back to Toner Avenue and most importantly year 5 welcome to your fabulous new classrooms!

We have already had lots of excitement, from new faces, new topics and new classrooms. Miss Feeney and I have been very impressed with the way you have all began your year and hope that it can continue.

Just a few things before we share some images of the new classrooms:

  • PE is on a Monday so children are expected to bring their full kit to participate in the lesson.
  • Homework and spellings will be given out on a Friday and we expect them to be returned by the following Friday.
  • Each Friday pupils will do a spelling test and a times table test up so it’s important to practice over the week! Any help you can offer your child will be greatly appreciated as they are expected to know their multiplications up to 12×12 by the time they reach year 5.
  • Purple reading record books are to be brought to school daily and will be checked. Pupils should read at home every night. It is important to their progress as readers and therefore learners that they can discuss what they are reading and be asked meaningful questions.

We have many exciting topics to look at over the next half term including Myths and Legends, Outer Space and Vikings!

We hope to have an exciting and enjoyable year for all, if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Miss Tait and Miss Feeney.

Y5LT classroom

Y5AF classroom

Year 2 Friendship

Hello again everyone!

We’ve been working hard in year two and we just had to show you our web of friendship.

In our English lesson, we talked about what makes a good friend. We sat in a circle with a ball of string. We had to say something nice about someone in the class and pass the ball of the string to them, until everyone had a turn. We had lots of lovely comments.

Then we described our best friend in our books.

Well done year 2!


Welcome to Nursery

We have had a busy week  welcoming back our older children and introducing our new starters to Nursery. Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on settling all of the children in and supporting them to make new friends.

In Nursery we learn through play. We offer the children experiences, both adult led and child initiated, through a range of topics. This year our topics are

Autumn 1

  • Getting to know Nursery
  • All about Me!
  • Harvest/Autumn

Autumn 2

  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Diwali – The Festival of Light
  • Christmas

Spring 1

  • Our Favourite Stories
  • Special Books
  • Chinese New Year

Spring 2

  • At the Farm/Spring
  • Special People
  • Special Times

Summer 1

  • In Our Garden
  • Weddings

Summer 2

  • Pirates
  • Baptisms
  • Raksha Bandham – The Festival of Brotherhood & Love

To support your child during their time in Nursery there are lots of things you could help them with at home.

  • encouraging them to dress themselves independently e.g. putting on and taking off coats, shoes etc.
  • talking about the world around them e.g. changes in the weather, signs they see on the way to school etc.
  • counting every day actions and objects.
  • recognising and writing their own name.

Throughout the year we will keep you informed about your child’s learning, but if you have any questions please talk to a member of the Nursery team.

Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Hunter & Mrs. Inkster

Welcome Back Year 1!

Dear Year 1 parents/carers,

We hope you all had a lovely summer!

We have had a very busy week so far in Year 1. The children have all settled in well and are enjoying their new classrooms.

Please find below some information about Year 1:

  • This year the children will explore a range of topics as part of geography and history including Explorers (Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus), Our Local Area and Grace Darling.
  • Our P.E. day this term is THURSDAY. Please ensure your child has their kit in school as soon as possible. Year 1 children MUST have suitable wear or they will not be able to take part. Thank you to those who have already brought kit into school.
  • We will aim to change reading books as frequently as possible. Please make sure your child brings their book bag into school EVERY DAY so that we can do so. The same applies for library books. Please encourage your child to read their books at home with you and remember to make a comment in their reading diary!
  • The children will receive spellings/homework as the year progresses but we will let you know more when they begin to do so.

All Year 1 children have to complete a phonics screening test in the summer term. This consists of children reading real and nonsense words, using their phonic knowledge, and is carried out by the child’s class teacher. This is something we work towards throughout the year so that the children are well prepared for it.

Please let us know if you have any questions or queries.

Many thanks,

Miss Jones, Mrs Storey and Mrs Christer.

Welcome back YEAR 2!

Hello everyone,

We hope you had a lovely summer holiday!

We are so pleased with how well our Y2 classes have settled in to the ‘big’ building so far and they are working hard/

Below are some images with information about Y2. Please click to make them larger and take a look through.

If you have any questions at all, please just pop in to see us and we’ll happily support you.

Miss Cox and Miss Smith



Writers of the Week

Congratulations to our wonderful Writers of the Week.

Sports Day for Y4 and 5

Wednesday 19th July 2017

Finally, we  managed sports day at Toner Avenue. Yey!

And a fine morning was had by all! Everyone took part in great spirits, with parents there for support. It all went rather smoothly (except from a few tantrums – from Miss D as her camera was playing-up!)

She managed to take a few action-snaps of Y4, and 5 in between camera problems.


Reception’s Summer Trip!!!!

Here we are on our summer trip!!

Today Reception had to cancel their Summer Trip because of the rain!  We are a bit fed up now cancelling all our exciting things because of the rain!

We have had an exciting day, we had a fun morning in the hall with lots of activities to try, we could choose and activity and sit with our friends from both classes!  We were so excited for our packed lunch and we kept asking when it was time to eat.  We had our milk and fruit and some songs and stories and then it was time, the moment we had all been waiting for……Packed Lunch!!!!

After our packed lunch we went outside for a little play because would you believe it had stopped raining!!!

This afternoon we have had popcorn and juice and we watched the minions!

Who needs Hebburn Park????