A big thank you as all of my class looked super smart in their PE kits. We enjoyed our first Gymnastic session with Heather today. Have a look at us being animals in our warm up!

A great start to the year.


Year 2 Friendship

Hello again everyone!

We’ve been working hard in year two and we just had to show you our web of friendship.

In our English lesson, we talked about what makes a good friend. We sat in a circle with a ball of string. We had to say something nice about someone in the class and pass the ball of the string to them, until everyone had a turn. We had lots of lovely comments.

Then we described our best friend in our books.

Well done year 2!


Reception’s Summer Trip!!!!

Here we are on our summer trip!!

Today Reception had to cancel their Summer Trip because of the rain!  We are a bit fed up now cancelling all our exciting things because of the rain!

We have had an exciting day, we had a fun morning in the hall with lots of activities to try, we could choose and activity and sit with our friends from both classes!  We were so excited for our packed lunch and we kept asking when it was time to eat.  We had our milk and fruit and some songs and stories and then it was time, the moment we had all been waiting for……Packed Lunch!!!!

After our packed lunch we went outside for a little play because would you believe it had stopped raining!!!

This afternoon we have had popcorn and juice and we watched the minions!

Who needs Hebburn Park????

Y2 Visit to The Word

Y2SC and Y2HS went to the Word yesterday.

We were filmed performing our Florence Nightingale performance.

We had to wear different costumes.

We were in a studio with a green screen.

Lexi and Georgina Y2SC


We had a fantastic time, while the children were taken for their filming, everyone else made a flipper book with all of the characters from the play. They had laptops with touch screens! It was all very high tech.

The children were fantastic and the staff at the Word said they were impressed not only with the children’s behaviour and manners, but also how good they were at acting and remembering their lines.

We will be in touch with Y2 Parents soon, to invite you in for the premiere!

Miss Cox

Y1J’s Green Fingers!

This term, Y1J have had a fantastic time in science. We planted our very own broad bean plants and have watched them grow over the past few weeks. Some have grown very tall and we have enjoyed learning how to look after a plant. We even did an experiment to see if a plant would grow without sunlight – it did, but did not look very healthy!

‘Plants need water and sunlight to grow.’ – Nathan

‘It was fantastic growing my broad bean plant!’ – Emily

‘My plant has 21 leaves!’ – Sydney

‘My plant is taller than 30cm!’ – Luke

‘I was so pleased when my plant finally started to grow!’ – Lacey

‘I enjoyed planting broad beans!’ – Amie

Miss Jones

Y2 Golf Tournament

After our half term of golf with Mr. Simpson, some of the year 2 children were chosen to take part in a golf tournament at Mortimer School.

We were competing against 7 other schools from South Tyneside.

The children were split into 3 groups. Toner A, Toner B and Toner C.

We had 8 different events which covered lots of golf skills such as chipping and putting. They were all really fun too. We scored points at each event and then the total was calculated to find out the winners.

Here is the BEST part!

Toner Team C came 3rd

Toner Team B came 2nd

Toner Team A came 1st

Team Toner won everything! We were so proud of you all and it was so well deserved after all of your hard work! Thank you to Mr. Simpson for his hard work too!

Look at some of our photos below:


Year 2 – Internet Safety

As part of our computing curriculum, each new topic has to start with an E-Safety lesson.

I was super lucky as I was able to teach my class first then the other year 2 class second. (My class were even luckier as they had Mrs Storey for music!)

All of the year 2 children impressed me with their knowledge of how to keep safe online. We watched a video of 2 characters who had received a friend request from a stranger. We were all horrified! Even more so, when they asked the characters for their name and address! Luckily, our year 2 children intervened and created posters using the iPads to help the children make the right decision. We told them not to give out any personal information and to tell a trusted grown up about the stranger online.

Take a look at the 2 posters we decided were the clearest, with the most important messages.

If you need any help staying safe online, I’m sure Y2 will be able to help you!

File 26-04-2017, 15 10 23 File 26-04-2017, 15 11 08

During Spring term One, we have been studying the Collage work of Henri Matisse. We painted large sheets with primary and secondary colours first. Then we ripped them up in preparation of constructing our very own large scale Collage of ‘The Snail’.

The original picture hangs in the Tate Gallery measuring an impressive 2864 x 2870mm. Below you can see a photograph of our representation which hangs in school!



Kenyan Projects

Here in Y2SC we set a homework challenge.

It was to create a ‘Shoebox Safari’ all about Kenya.

I have to say we are all so impressed by the amount of work and the quality of work that has gone into the shoeboxes.

This is a big WELL DONE! To all of the children (and parents and carers and brothers and sisters) involved.

They’re all on display outside of our class and we did a class presentation.

Well done and thank you for all of your time and effort.

Miss Cox