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Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

Welcome to Toner Avenue Primary School an exciting place to learn and discover.  We strive to provide the very best education for all of our pupils, what ever their needs or abilities.  By ensuring that we have the most committed, resourceful and enthusiastic team of staff, we offer a vibrant and rich curriculum.

There have been many changes at Toner Avenue recently, and there are more exciting changes in the future.  This is a school with huge potential, amazing children and supportive parents.

I hope that you enjoy the school website which we will endeavour to keep regularly updated.

Many thanks for visiting and your continued support.

Mr M Arthur

Head teacher

Habitats Vloggers!

As you’ve probably guessed by our previous posts, year 2 have been learning about Habitats this half term.
Our final lesson was a project, where we had to make a home for Humphrey the Hedgehog. The children worked so hard, creating a habitat that was safe, dry and had everything a hedgehog needs.
The children were explaining to each other what they’d made for Humphrey and I thought it’d be a brilliant idea to capture these on video.
This is a tester to see if we can actually do this, here is the lovely Amie telling you all about her habitat. The video *should* be below…
(If this works, I will attempt to upload the others too!)
Miss Cox

Daft As A Brush School Proms

On Sunday afternoon, Mrs Fishwick, Miss Tait, Mr King and I attended the School Proms at City Hall in Newcastle. We had a fantastic time listening to Toner Avenue choir and other schools from around the area.

A huge thank you to Mrs Storey and Mrs Carr who gave up their Sunday to allow the children to take part in such a a brilliant event – the children were amazing!

Miss Jones


Year 3 School Council Visit the Town Hall

‘On Monday, Holly and I went to the Town Hall to represent our School Council. We talked about Staryland needing a new leader. It was lots of fun!’ Joe (Year 3)

Both children were a credit to the School as they took part in an interesting workshop about the imaginary, magical place called Staryland. In the workshop, Staryland, was in need of a new leader.

The workshop gave Holly and Joe:

  • An understanding of democracy and the election process.
  • The experience of participating in an election – includes; hustings from candidates, casting their vote in the same way as an ‘adult election’, and through their vote being able to influence the election outcome.
  • A demonstration of the election process and outcome
  • Lots of fun!

Holly and Joe have used the knowledge they obtained to help the rest of the School Council prepare for our Committee elections.

Please see attached link to article published on STC website covering the event.


Stars of the Week

Fantastic attitude and behaviour from our Stars of the Week.

They should be very proud of their efforts. Well done.

Writers of the Week

Well done to all of our wonderful Writers of the Week. We are very proud of them all.

Old Pound Coins

Just a reminder that we no longer accept the old style pound coins for any school payments.  Any old coins sent in will be returned to you.


Many thanks in this matter.

M. Arthur

Toner Tigers 2017-18

This week Mr Tosh and I had the arduous task of choosing the school football team for the first half of the 2017-2018 season. The children will be once again competing in the Gidney B League at Hebburn Comprehensive on a Thursday evening.

Congratulations go to; Corey, Owen, Jordan, Marcus, Harry, Connor, Connor and Owen.

The team this year will be captained by Harry and the first round of fixtures will take place next Thursday 19th October, where they will be wearing their new strips for the first time. Please come along and ROAR the Tigers to victory.


You can always keep up to date with the fixtures and current league standings at



Dragon Egg Sighting Toner Avenue!

Year 5 pupils got a shock this Monday morning when they found the entrance to their classrooms transformed into a crime scene!



We were able to act as crime scene investigators to make notes, photograph and bag up evidence from the scene.

Despite our best efforts, we are currently not able to confirm the species of Dragon though we have had plenty of fun trying!

We’re hoping to write some brilliant newspaper reports on the scene later this week.

Watch this space as year 5 are budding journalists and can’t wait to give you the latest scoop!

Is that evidence on the floor?

Kieran is not impressed with his find!

Cory has an exciting discovery.

Marcus takes a “hands on” approach.

Detective Jack getting a “feel” for his writing.

Not one bit of evidence left out.

Capturing every angle.

It’s hard work being a detective…


What an exciting day for Toner Avenue year 5 pupils!


Harvest Festival

Just a reminder that our Harvest Festival will be held at 10.00 am on Wednesday 11th October at St John’s Church.  Please meet us at the church to join in with the celebrations and songs!

Years 1 to 6 will be taking part.  Nursery and Reception will be having their own Harvest Festival in school at a later date.

We are still collecting donations to go to the local food bank, tins or packets would be greatly appreciated.

Worm Charming in Y2SC

As part of our science work, we had to investigate which habitat was best for the worms of Toner!

We picked 3 different areas of the yard and plotted them on a map. We had 4 groups and each group had to charm the worms out of the ground.

We stamped, we stomped, we raked the soil and we even sang songs to encourage the worms to come out! (I’m sure they particularly liked the rendition of ‘There’s a worm at the bottom of my garden’ and ‘London’s burning’) It was definitely a sight to behold!

Our charming efforts paid off, when Lacey’s team found 2 big, fat juicy worms. Archie and Emily’s team found 2 tiny baby worms each too. The other team couldn’t charm any worms out but we think it’s because of their habitat!


The flower bed has lots of damp soil and space so that’s why it had the biggest worms.



The trees weren’t damp so the worms didn’t want to live there.



Take a look at the photos below.

Miss Cox