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Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

Welcome to Toner Avenue Primary School an exciting place to learn and discover.  We strive to provide the very best education for all of our pupils, what ever their needs or abilities.  By ensuring that we have the most committed, resourceful and enthusiastic team of staff, we offer a vibrant and rich curriculum.

There have been many changes at Toner Avenue recently, and there are more exciting changes in the future.  This is a school with huge potential, amazing children and supportive parents.

I hope that you enjoy the school website which we will endeavour to keep regularly updated.

Many thanks for visiting and your continued support.

Mr M Arthur

Head teacher

World Book Day 2018

Wow! What a day! It’s been very busy but lots of fun.

First of all a HUGE thank you to everyone for donating £1 (and more in some cases!) Whether you dressed up as a book character or came in your own clothes, it is appreciated that you all joined in with the spirit of the day! We raised £176 and counting! We have also managed to find a company who will match the money we raised, to buy some new books. It will make a huge difference to the children and our school.

My second GINORMOUS thank you, goes to everyone who brought books in for our ‘book swap’ event. As you can see, we had lots of books to choose from. We tried as best as we could to make sure that the children who brought in lots of books, managed to take as many home! The children had such a lovely time choosing a new book. We chatted about our favourite authors and the children recommended books to each other. It was lovely to hear. We still have lots left and they will be put into our school library.

We’ve had lots of activities going on from a book scavenger hunt, peer reading, making bookmarks and year 2 even had a go at being shopkeepers at the book swap. (We worked so hard we needed a tea break!)

We hope you had a brilliant time, I also hope that if you took a new book home, that you enjoy reading it tonight!

Thanks again for your support!

If you need any help to choose books or to know how to support your child’s reading, please come and let me know! I’d be happy to help.

Miss Cox


We’d just like you all to see our groovy World Book Day cozzies…

What a menace!


Mary Poppins! As I live and breathe!


Never mind where’s Wally …Where’s Wilma?


Here’s the beauty, but where’s the beast?

Hmmmm… Looks beast-like to me!




Oh no! Gangster Granny and her grandson are up to their old tricks again!

We’re in the army now.


I’m seeing double! Two Hermiones!


What hope have Y4, when their teacher is a right menace?!

Thank you to all the parents who made a great effort with costumes. The kids looked fab! And thank you too for bringing in a book to swap and a donation.

Miss D (stands for Denise the Menace!)

— World Book Day Y4 (Take 2)

In today’s Assembly, the whole school came together to say goodbye and thank you to the Rev. Canon David Osman.

David has been a friend of our school for 20 years and has been a well respected and important part of our School community, whether working with our foundation children or welcoming children to his church as part of the RE curriculum. His fortnightly Assemblies have always been a big favourite, captivating the children and staff with his story telling and music.

We are very grateful for David’s tireless work developing the links between St John’s Church, Hebburn and our school and for allowing the use of the church for Christmas and Harvest performances.

During today’s Assembly, the children presented a memories book and shared some of their thoughts about David. Matthew in Year 2 wrote ‘Farewell David hope you have great time being retired we liked your singing. We liked when you used us as assistants, we wish you good luck .We had fantastic moments and memories with you.’ Illisa in Year 5 said. ‘We will miss you loads. We will especially miss your songs and your humour.’

To end the Assembly the Choir even gave a sneak preview of their upcoming South Tyneside Music Festival performance, ‘You’ve got a friend’.

Good luck and best wishes in your new adventure David and thank you from everyone at Toner Avenue.

Choir Information

Due to parents Evenings next week, there will be no choir on Tuesday 13th March.

Tickets for the South Tyneside Music Festival are now available at the office.  Tickets are £4.50.

The choir have worked really hard learning the songs and it would be lovely to see as many of you there to support them.

The concert is on Tuesday 20th March.


Old Ten Pound Notes.

Dear Parents / carers,

As of this week we will no longer be accepting the old ‘paper’ ten pound notes.

If you have any they can still be exchanged in most banks!


Many thanks.

M. Arthur